The 5 Essential Elements Any Business Owner Can Use To Create Websites & Automations That Delight The Human Spirit

Hey there! This presentation will teach you practical ways to increase your leads and sales with your website or funnels. This training is provided by Kismet Ideas Founder, Paige Battcher. 

As featured in Story Louisville's Learning Labs. With thanks to Adam Robinson.

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Imperfect transcript of this video:

So, okay. My presentation today is the five essential elements that any business owner can use to create websites and automations that delight the human spirit. The reason why I'm bringing this up is because I've seen over the course of seven years in this business, a lot of changes, and I hope that this presentation can help you guys with some new creative ideas.


I also want to share with you, in addition to these five essential tools, the four step process for making this actually happen, and we'll go through those quickly, cause I want to be mindful of your time. But basically my thought was if I gave you five key ingredients that you could plug in times four steps to make it actually happen, I can help you 20 X, your online process here.


And so I hope that sounds good to you guys. I thought I could double and do better than 10 X. So I am on a mission of service and I'm definitely wanting to know a little bit more about you guys. If you drop in the chat, what you do for a living, if you're the business owner, if you're a decision maker, sort of what you're doing.


Cause my purpose is to create a ripple effect by helping as many business owners as I can. So a little bit about me:  my name is Paige Battcher, and I founded a company called Kismet Ideas in 2013. I built my first website when I was 14 years old because my parents started a computer company.


And I have dual master's from USC, bachelor's from UofL, and I just keep learning. I'm sort of this student of the world. And the reason why I shared this with you is because I really believe that the people we are spending our energy with, it's great to know that they share like minded values. So I really enjoy collaborating with others, having a team and being a part of a larger tribe and serving the world.


So this is, my experiences with Fulbright. Some of the workshops I've had here in Louisville, some of the universities and organizations I've had the pleasure of working with. and then that on the right here is me giving a presentation, coincidentally, in the same exact outfit I'm wearing right now.


So, all right. And Adam feel free to chime in if there's some stuff happening in the chat, because I can't see the chat at all. but anyway, the company that I created is called kismet ideas and kismet means fate or destiny. and so we really believe that the right people are brought into our lives.


This is a little snapshot of some of our team. and we do. We develop online business systems for our clients, including web design, graphic, design, branding, membership areas, and automations. So I just thought that would be helpful.


This is just as a look at some of the work we've done over the last couple of years.


And now I'm ready to dive in with you guys. If you guys are ready, definitely let me know. so this is the five essential ingredients to delight your audience, right? and this is you're doing it because you want higher conversions, likely you want to generate more email leads, make more sales, generate more phone calls, depending on how your business is set up.


I hope that these five essential ingredients help you. Number one is Epic design, and that might sound like a no brainer. Given the fact that I have a career in design. But this comes from the fact that back in 2010, you could even just stand out online by having a website. and we've come a long way in the last decade.


You really have to look incredibly awesome in order for people to choose your services. And I might ask you, have you ever chosen a particular dentist office over another dentist's office because of their website nowadays, your website is the first impression for people in your business. So I love sports.


I don't know if any of you guys are sports people, sports fans, or athletes, but, I thought these little analogies can be useful. So I think of Epic design as like the basketball court. It's the place, and the space that people come and they're playing in when they're interacting with your business.


And so if you think about, if you've ever seen like a nice NBA game, and that team went the extra mile to create really cool decals on the floor, you know, it caught your attention. And so I just thought maybe that analogy would be useful.


So when it comes to Epic design is what I'm saying. Like early on, we saw our, our clients saw success because they looked more successful than every one else.


And so my question to you is do you go the extra mile when it comes to your design? This is Adam. Can you see this video playing? Cool. All right. So this is the trifecta gala. They're here in Louisville. And basically we not only did video backgrounds, but we did these animated Woodford reserve bottles.


And we just, we went the extra mile. We started doing things like poker, chips, falling, and just experiences that ultimately gained. Eden and her company and this trifecta gala national recognition, usher performed last year at the young centers. So that was super exciting for us to be a part of that design.


And, you know, she started telling me that people were coming from all over the world in a way that they hadn't before. And that's because we did, we took that extra step to really inspire people and create this Epic design. So I might ask you and feel free to drop this in the chat. What would national attention do for your business?


Or even just a few eyeballs each day, the average attention span is 12 seconds. So if they're only staying on your website for less than a minute, what could you do if people link linger just a little bit longer? Here's another example. we basically went from. This very basic boiler plate website for this concept called the idea district.


And we just went all out. We went all out with the design. We spent a lot of energy making it super creative and that attracted $90 million in financing for them. For idea, one in downtown San Diego, and six years later, I still get notifications. Cause I'm part of the automation process. they're getting.


Consistent email leads without having changed a single thing on their website in a year. So, that's incredibly exciting. This goes to show right here. Some of the ways we can just think outside of the box, some of the ways we can be creative. And I think from talking to hundreds of business owners over the last few years, the folks that are really ready to make their design Epic are the ones that end up standing out and winning more sales and getting more clients.


And I think it's because of this adage, you guys have probably heard that success begets success. And so, you know, what might happen if your brand looked like a million bucks, because that's the feeling people get when they come to your site. Another good example is I actually didn't apply to certain grad schools because I thought their website is ugly and that's like sort of the world we live in today.


All right. You guys, number two is conversational. Copy. I liken this to the actual basketball. Like how can you play the game on this beautiful core? If you don't have a ball, the ball is the emotional movement, the experience, what actually gets people moving. So here's some questions I would ask yourself.

Think about your emails, your social media posts, your landing page. Copy your web design. Ask yourself these questions. Would you say these words out loud? Right. If you actually read the copy on your website and you're like, I would never say that in person, that sounds robotic. It sounds like a brochure then chances are, you should probably change it.


Does it emotionally move people? Will people find it friendly? Or if it happens to be that you want your brand to be overly formal, does it convey the actual feeling of your brand? And so I'll give you guys kind of an idea here. If you look at the blue on top of here, it's like, if you like tacos, then we can be friends.


If you like bikes, then we can be friends. You know, if you like beers. and it's a lovely day in the neighborhood is from, George, Rogers. Like mr. Rogers, there is, So just being playful, being willing to think outside of the box when it comes to your copy, but mostly saying it out loud. Right. And if you say it out loud and you sound like a robot, then it's time to revamp.


All right guys, number three, hopefully you're still with me. Let me know in the chat. Number three is charismatic calls to action. So I liken this to actually passing the ball. For those of you guys who have played basketball, if you've ever been hit on a shoulder or where you completely miss the past, it's because you guys weren't communicating.

So your call to action is letting your people know like, Hey, the past is coming or Hey, pass me the ball I'm open. And how can we do it in really unique ways? I feel like that's important to ask. So ask yourself, is this generic? After this training, if you have anything on your website that says, join our newsletter, go run, change it, fix it because that is generic.


Nobody wants to join a newsletter in the way that they used to. So make it fun, make it funky and ask yourself if it adds value, because there's really a lot of ways that you can be super creative. Here's an example of our client, Jen Hilger and she has these immune boost podcast, right. The button says, help me stay healthy.


nd yes, they're, they're logging in and signing in and opting in to what could essentially become a weekly newsletter, but we're not going to call it that. And we're going to give people more value. So she's got these free downloadable podcasts. So that's some, some ways you can start to think about being really charismatic with it.


Another example is our client, the idea district. And instead of saying, Put your email here to learn about when spaces are open in our project idea, one, we said, get first dibs and like, It's kind of conversational. It's colloquial. It's like charismatic. Okay, cool. Number four, video and happy faces. So I liken this to the starting squad of the basketball team where you're fans of them.


Right. Like. You love the LeBron James, you like the starting squad, or if you actually, you like, I happen to be an MVP, does ratchet up. Then this is the, this is the interaction of people actually getting to know you. So how do they get to know your starting squad? How, when people come to your website, are they getting to know your company?

And then the faces of the people you serve? I see time and time again, corporate websites that don't even have a human face in them. And then they wonder why they're not generating email leads. So I want you to consider that and also realize that video on a page increases time on page I two minutes or more.


So are you actually showing people what's possible from a human standpoint, the kind of transformation that you could make for them when it comes to your website? And that's what you want to ask yourself. And so this worked for Miranda. she actually had a 21 K week of sales when we combined beautiful design with video and happy faces.

And those spaces were her own, as well as her clients. She helps people lose weight. And so you can see here video doesn't have to even be your face. But it can be. So she actually does a voiceover screenshare video, where she's got these really nice decorated slides. She's got testimonials of people.


There are smiling faces in this content and that's what compels people to move forward. So, how many of you guys right now currently are using video in your marketing to some capacity would be my question for you. cause if you're not time to get on the video bandwagon, And time to show those really smiling faces.


Okay. I know I'm moving fast here, but I wanted to leave a lot of time for Q and.  Number five is to automate. To celebrate. So I like in this analogy too, after the game is over. If you have the right things in place, like the rest of the schedule and the, the van to take you home is already set up. You get to actually celebrate the win after the game and relax, knowing that everything was already taken care of.


So in your business, If you are generating leads and you are generating sales through your website, but you're spending so much time doing manual things. You're not actually celebrating the win that is you having a top marketing asset on the internet. You're just bogged down in all the processes. So we released, we realized with our clients that as things evolved, our clients saw success when we built processes for their lead generation sales and automations.


And that's really like the next level. and so what can you automate that you're currently doing manually? And maybe there's a question that comes out of this that you can throw on the chat that Adam can ask me later, because maybe your question is, is this kind of thing possible? I've been thinking about such and such, is it even possible because that's half the battle is knowing what is possible if you guys don't know which I know it's kind of like taking the internet by storm.


A funnel is a series of web pages that lead your ideal client through the sales process. So, this is sort of what I'm talking about. You'd have your traffic source over here that would lead into a series of pages that walk people through the buying process or the phone call booking process or this, you know, the, just the opt in process, whatever it may be.


And then you have your followup, which can be automated, or it can be manual. It's totally your call, but this is a basic visual representation of what we're talking about here. Oops. so this is what we used when it came to Tommi and Frank Miller, they went from having zero web presence to doing $198,000 across two launches because we built things in an automated funnel like fashion, instead of building them this massive, robust website, talking about everything they've ever done at any time.


Since they really were going ground up and we created everything from scratch. We decided to just focus on the one thing it is that they're selling and put in presenting in front of people. So you'll see here, they have that video icon and we used the video to funnel people through and then set up automated emails.


That converted people into sales. And you might be surprised to know that I'd say 60% of sales normally come when you send that last email that says, this is your last chance, because that's how human beings are. Right. We, we wait for the very last minute possible to do a lot of things. So what would having a funnel or an automated way to collect leads do for your business?


And if you already have one, like put that in the chat, because we can definitely talk about that as well. If you don't have one, you know, what could it look like for your business? So basically what we've learned from our most successful clients and our experience over the last seven years in website design is this, this is my new mantra, simplify to multiply.


As you can see here on the right. There are a number of softwares that we've now figured out how to combine and streamline into all in one platforms. So I want you to start thinking about what can web design look like when you have ownership over a platform rather than piecemealing a ton of softwares together.


And this is pretty new because honestly, we sort of amassed all these additional softwares as technology changed. And now tele technology has hit that tipping point where we actually have the opportunity to help people simplified, streamline. We have some clients we're combining four softwares into wine.


We have some clients for combining three softwares into one. So I want you to just kind of notice that and think about that. So, what could you do with extra time saved by automating all of the things that you're doing manually and streamlining your technology so that you're not having to log in to 15 different softwares to figure out how it's all working.


And this is kind of part of what we did for YachtAid Global. So we took the fresh design. they love blue. They really love blue, but we, we took this and we helped them. They basically went from just asking people through their homepage if they wanted to donate. And then that person had to send an email and then the emails got, they got sent to PayPal link.


And the more steps you add. The longer the process is, and the more you lose people. So the owner called me and he said, it was, this was a week after hurricane Irma a couple of years ago. And he said, page people's lives are at stake. We need a better way to collect donations because we need to mobilize aid to the Caribbean to help save people's lives. And so I was like, okay. And I think I drank four pots of coffee in three days and we built this crowd functioning, crowdfunding functionality, and we started to do things with the copy to encourage people to donate. Like if you can see here on the right, it says, step one, choose an amount.


It's like just giving people the simple steps that are right there. Right. Then they can take action on helps. These guys generate over a hundred K in donations in less than two weeks after we launched this from virtually zero. So that was incredibly inspiring. And. Truth be told. That was the first time I realized that web design could actually change the world could actually save lives.


Up until then I thought I was just designing pretty things. This was a big pivotal moment for me a few years ago. So, alright. I promised you I would help you 20 X things by showing you, if you take any of these five ingredients and you use this four step process to make it happen, that will I guarantee you will increase your conversions, your sales and your impact on the world.


So, so step number one is to get support. And what I see all too often, our business owners are wanting to wear all the hats and they're thinking, ah, I can't afford to bring on a new team member or this or that, or all learned it all myself. And I'm just telling you right now, stay in your genius zone. Do the thing that you're called to do.


Stay focused on sales and marketing and hire for the tech and the design support. And what we've learned is that our most exciting success successful clients meet with us weekly to set bigger goals and to remain accountable. I'm so inspired by this that I, I actually needed to like, say a few more things about this.


Who you surround yourself with is obviously what you get in your life. And the concept of a mastermind is going around like crazy today with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi talking about it, but it's not new at all. It actually came from Napoleon Hill's book think and grow rich. And it's the principle through which you can accomplish more in one year.


Then you could accomplish with, without it in a lifetime, if you depended entirely on your own efforts. So I'm really passionate about this framework and this principle of surrounding yourself with the right people, so that you have support. And just one more thing to drill this home. The American society of training and development found that people are 65% more likely to meet a goal after committing it to another person.



Your chances increased to 95% when you build an ongoing meetings with accountability partners to check in on your progress. So keep that in mind, if you're trying to make fundamental and big shifts in your business, make sure you're surrounded. So I just thought I could go through these quickly to use this framework with any of the five basketball ingredients that shared with you guys.


But step one would be to get support. Step two would be to organize and prioritize. So a lot of people tend to get in the software before they actually get their files, organized, their branding assets, their copy written, that sort of thing. That is your step to always. And if you don't have someone to guide you along that process, then email me.

We'll talk about it. Step three. You want to think about building a platform? What I was mentioning about combining softwares into one, not just building this little thing over here, this little thing over here, how can you build something comprehensive for the longterm? It's going to pay off dividends and then step four is to expand and optimize.


The reason why I bring this up is because. So many clients, even two years ago, three years ago, four years ago, they would build this expensive website and then they would sit on it until it became outdated. It's like wearing the corduroy pants since you're were like, I guess these aren't in fashion anymore, you know?


Or like you're still holding onto the bell bottoms until somebody tells you like, that looks silly. Right? not that we should care what anybody else thinks, but anyway, I hope you get my fashion analogy here. so that is the wrong way to do it. And that's how it used to work back in the day. You just go, okay, well, this is the website's up.

Fantastic. That's all I need to do. I'll just, I'll just rest and relax and go do all the other things in my business. And then two years from now, I'll make an update. That's just not how things work anymore. So your goal is to create new landing pages, create new content, test new things, try new, opt-ins create new things and then monitor and optimize.

Those conversion rates as you go. So find yourself a partner that's willing to incrementally build new things with you. I hope that makes sense. I had intended on having a summary slide here of the steps that we went through and maybe I can just express them one more time. The five key ingredients that basketball court was great design.


So make sure you have the great design, the basketball is your conversational copy. Make sure that you're speaking human language, the passing the ball is that charismatic calls to action. You know, don't, don't pass it or ask for the ball if you're not really open, right. the, the fourth one. Just drew up blank for a reason.


Oh, is the team so showing off your basketball team that starting squad using video, showing human faces incredibly incredibly important. And the fifth one is having automations, right? Starting to automate things you're currently doing manually so that you can actually go celebrate that win. I hope this has been incredibly valuable for you guys, and this is just a look at the kind of stuff we're working on and why we're doing it.


It's all about building up other people. It really is. And so I thank you for your time. I'm super excited about Q and a. I can't wait to jump into that. that's all I have for my presentation. I really hope that that was useful. Yeah, that was fantastic. Thank you so much, Paige. So we do have some questions.

I've got some questions as well. So I'm going to go ahead and start going right down the list if that's okay. so the first question comes from in and he asks, do you build websites through website builders, such as Shopify or Wix, in add apps to it? So basically how do you approach building websites?


Yes. Well, I would say there's no one size fits all software for six years. We built exclusively in WordPress and WordPress has become a plugin on plugin, on plugin, on plugin experience. And I think that's what you meant by add on softwares. So recently we've made it our duty to go explore all in one platforms and we are now building in tools like click funnels.


Kartra and Kajabi. I could talk about software all day, but the way we approach it is first by looking at your goals. Do you want a members' area? Do you need a client portal? Are you interested? Where is your email list currently? How are you generating leads? So it's looking at your current technology stack and then picturing your goals.


And then a standout software tool will make itself known. Okay. Excellent. So you mentioned video in video is becoming so much more popular today, and I know that there's actually, you know, you can record a video on your iPhone there and your iPad, and plenty of people do that, but I know that there's a lot of new technology coming out, like dub who?


What do you recommend as a video creation tool like that? Just to makes it easy to film, to connect, to distribute that to your target audience. 


Yeah. Great question. Dubb is amazing. Okay. You guys, do you BB email me anything I'll share with you? I'll even screenshare with you. I just recorded my 300th video in that platform.


It is the easiest thing to use. And it records through your browser. What I use dub for is coordinating with my team, sending videos to clients, to review things, sending, sending personalized videos to people, to prospect new sales, creating trainings for both my students, my clients, and my team. it it's just a phenomenal tool.


The other thing that they do is also allow for you to generate emails through that tool. So that's the only tool you have right now to generate emails. It's a phenomenal place to get started. The other place I host videos is in Kartra. So we build a lot of our pages as well as we build our funnels in Kartra.


We build our membership areas and Kartra the reason why I like uploading our video. There is because we can add tagging. So we can, if you come to our website and give us your email address, Obviously for something charismatic second, for something of value we can tag you. So we can see if you've watched five minutes of a video, if you've watched 90% of the video, and we can just add that little tag to your communication.


And that helps me, that's a conversation starter. So when I get on the phone with somebody and I'm talking about what we can do as an agency, I can see whether or not they've ever watched the video. And so that's really powerful too. So those are, those are my two top video tools right now. Okay. Excellent.


So let me ask you, in terms of, analyzing the performance of the pages you build, do some of the systems like the Kartra Kajabi, do they have data and metrics built in, or you still relying on something like Google analytics or something like a Hotjar to assess the performance of those pages? How do you go about doing that?


Yeah, great question. We actually used to use Hotjar and Google analytics and a dashboard through WordPress. It's one of the reasons we've moved to Kartra. Kartra will show you the analytics by page view by conversion goal, by video view. it's really pretty much endless. And I think that at this point we still haven't even explored at all.

So, being in these all-in-one platforms, the analytics is one of the top reasons to do so. Because when you also collect the email lead, then you can track them and have this history with them. Whereas if you're just using a WordPress website and you're plugging it in somewhere else, you sort of lose that trail of information.


So, yeah, really great question. It's something that we're thrilled about now to see more of. 


Okay. So I've never heard of Kartra before. I'm very familiar with ClickFunnels and Kajabi. So actually just went and Googled them, pull up their website. So let me ask you, WordPress has made it so easy for someone with low design skills or whatever, to go pick a template, come in and spin something up like that. So Kartra some of these other things. Are they pretty easy for somebody to go and create a website or just a landing page that they don't have that skillset to a high degree? Or do they have to rely on someone like yourself when a designer to go and build out all those pages? 


Yeah, great question. it's easier.


It's easier in Kartra. The reason why is because WordPress is an open source platform. So people in the entire world can build stuff on it. That's why they have this massive library of themes and plugins, which means that tens of thousands of people are designing code and designing functionality within that platform, which means that you have hundreds and hundreds of options that you can make.


And there's something called like choice paralysis, like where you have way too many options, you know, you're just like, I just need cereal. Why is there 600 serials in the shopping aisle? that's where Kartra is really useful because they're closed source platform where the only designs and brainwork functionality built on the platform or within the actual company cartridges team, it shrinks your choice, your field of options.


So like this, and you can create really beautiful pages within an hour or two. And then just the furthermore, why you would want to hire a designer versus do it yourself. It's actually never been easier for the average person to go out there with zero tech knowledge and design pages.


And that's super cool, but it's also... I can't pick up a paintbrush and be Monet if it's my first time ever painting. So when it comes to design, if you really just want to hire an expert designer, try and find someone who also has an eye for the marketing and who can also guide you on some ideas from copy all the way to conversions all the way to looking at the analytics.


That would be the reason to hire, even though it is easy. And the reason to be in an easier tool is so that. You might have the design agency build you these set of pages, but you might have a brand new idea in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, and you just want to go create something and pop out a landing page.

Being in an empowered tool is gonna allow you to do that. 


Awesome. Very good. So let me ask you, how was it that you engage. With your clients of getting a couple of questions about your services and how much they cost. So just tell us a little bit about how you onboard new clients. What typically it looks like to work with you and your team?


Thank you, Adam. It's such a wonderful opportunity. Yeah. Okay. I'm like super jazzed about this because everything has changed in 2020. I mean, as we all know, like the world kind of like, we were like, what's going on, which way is up. So at the beginning of this year, I had a real epiphany. I had this moment where I decided do I want to work with a lot of clients, right.


Doing these little incremental things. Where do I want to work with a small number of clients doing some really massive life changing business changing stuff. So I decided on the ladder, and right now we are working on this program that I was showing you guys it's called, it's called the Design Accelerator.


And what it does is work combining mastermind, which I told you how important that is to mastermind. On a weekly or biweekly basis to stay accountable to your goals and hold that bigger. And then it defines agency work. So our average client coming into the design accelerator is spending six months with us working one on one with myself and our leadership team on a weekly and biweekly basis.


And then we are building out. Funnels websites, brand new branding packages. If they need an overhaul for the branding design, we're building out sales funnels, we're building out application funnels where we're in a lot of cases, taking your technology stack and combining it into an all in one platform to make things easier.


We're also training and empowering our clients that you know exactly how to change things. And basically we're cherry picking our clients so that in this mastermind you are surrounded with the people you'd want to be surrounded with. we're incredibly excited. We have a tendency. Spaces available in total, and fiber already spoken for as of this morning.


And one of them like this man is the creator behind space channel. we've got an author in there. We've got a fitness pro in there. So it's anyone who is selling services, service-based products, and you could have a brick and mortar store. And when I like really expand on your business, Or you could be totally online.


So we're working with the gamut the way to, if this feels like something you're like, Hey, heck yeah, I want to at least have a conversation. I just have phone calls with people or zoom calls and we talk about your goals. So if that's something you want to do, I'll pop back to that screen and shoot me, shoot me an email.


And we can definitely talk. Thank you, Adam, for letting me express that. I'm so I'm so excited because for instance, when we brought a Miranda on board, she is telling me about the husbands and why it's that she was helping lose 20 to 60 pounds. And in my heart I'm like, okay, a man, a father who loses 60 pounds in the course of her 12 week program has now not only changed his life.


But his entire family's life, I can change grandkids. If I got to do what I do best, which is software and design, and that created that ripple effect. That's what I'm put here to do. 


Gotcha. Love it. Love it. Love it. so letting us go, as far as the services you offer as well. Cause it's got a question about this.


Basically you are soup to nuts in terms of. What you offer, I mean, you do it all from the content to the strategy, the technology, ongoing support. I mean, you provide all that. So in essence, you really are kind of a boutique full service agency. Is that a fair way to look at that? 


That's totally fair. I would say the only component of what someone might consider full service is: we don't run pay-per-click but I'll consult on the strategy.


And then I have tons of friends that do that, that I can send you in their direction, but yeah, everything else from the copy to the story, to the designs to the tech to the automation, to the functionality, we do it. 


Okay. Excellent. And so I'm getting a lot of questions. Wow. You've really piqued a lot of interest, of people wanting to do work with you.


What does it typically talk to get started with working with your company? Does it depend on the size of the project or which entry point they come in? What does it take for somebody to start working with you? 


Oh, yeah, it's all about scope. It's all about, you know, what your goals are and what you want to create.


I had a one client here in Louisville: Key Source Properties. I worked with Jonathan who's the founder, personally for eight months and we built six sales funnels during that time redesigned his entire website. Set up calendar tools and automation. His biggest takeaway was that he was able to grow and do more with the same amount of employees.

So without having to raise his payroll, he just started to create efficiencies in his business. And so we started out with the six month formula. I'm telling you because. Our day of building a website in 12 weeks and then dumping it in somebody's lap and walking away. It's like the old version that I'll never go back to.


We started a minimum of six months and the cost for that, it just depends on what you want to build. So the best thing to do is just to book a call with me and we can figure it out. 


Great. And so I've still, you're still the presenters. So your slide is still up here. So the best way for them to book a call or to get in touch with you is just to email you or to go to your website.

What's the best way for them to schedule that? 


Yeah. So you can email me here, which will be pretty simple. And then also. I'll pull this up, you can actually snag time with my calendar, even easier. If you go to and click on, get started now, and then you click on apply and book a call.


This will help me prepare for our call and you can answer a few questions about your business and then directly book time on my calendar. 


Gotcha. Perfect. So now is your website, have you been over there already as well? 

Yeah, we're on Kartra and actually I have a, I have a way I'm, I'm really obsessed with Dubb.


I think it's amazing. I have a way for you to get a $1 free trial. If you want a free trial of Kartra, would you guys want me to share that link? Yeah, that's great. It's a little video that just walks you through this nuanced way of how to get a $1 trial on Kartra and that might be useful for you guys, if you just want to check it out.


But yeah, we moved over to Kartra and I'm absolutely loving it. Let me just find the chat. Where's the chat participants. There it is. Hey, so I'll put that link in here. Okay.


Yup. That's like one and a half minute video on getting a $1 Kartra trial. And then if you go to kismet, you can put time on my calendar if you want to chat. I would absolutely love to. 


Yeah. What other questions do you guys have? It gets filter free. Unmute yourselves. You can ask Paige directly if you have any questions or you can put them in the chat, relieve them as well.

Well, I'd say what beans you've covered a lot of stuff today, and you were very thorough with that. So, we'll get folks in another couple of minutes if there's not any questions, but I feel pretty confident. Couple of folks are going to reach out to you to schedule a one on one, to dig into there. 


Can I ask you? Can I ask you a question? 


Yeah, of course. 


Okay. this was the first time I've tried this out. What did you think of the basketball analogy? 


So I thought it was good. So I'm a sport to dude, right? And so it made a lot of sense to me. Right. in fact, I'm so pumped up my middle child. He starts his first football practice today and I'm just real excited.


So it's really good. So to me it made sense, but I know a lot of friends that. I could see kind of like rolling their eyes to being like yay sports ball. Right. So for me it really resonated because I'm that guy, I'm your audience for that? Some people may not be, but I mean, it made sense to me. So from that perspective, I thought it was just fine.


Awesome. Okay. Thank you. Amin, he said the analogy is 100. Awesome. I guess if I throw in a Go Card's in there somewhere. 


Well, maybe, I mean, you might piss off half a Kentucky if you do that though. Right.


And so I'm one of those that's really weird because I gotta be careful saying this, but I am a Louisville fan. I'm a Kentucky fan. I grew up in South Carolina. So I've got a lot of folks that are Duke. I've got people that went to Duke and my family, and I'm a big Clemson fan because my dad and brother graduated from Clemson.

So figure that one out. Depending on who's playing. Yeah. Right.


I'm also helping them to, to also connect to some women who have also played, cause I played in high school and I just loved the sport. I love all sports. So, but thank you for that feedback. I really appreciate that. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Well, this has been fantastic, Paige, thank you so much for the time and everything you shared.


You shared some absolute, amazing advice and I'm going to check out Carter cause that's really cool. to see more, more, you know, all one platforms like that coming on. So this video is being recorded. I will be sharing that within the story Louisville community. And like I said, Paige will be giving you a copy of this.


People know how to reach out to you. If anybody, connects with me about this, I'll make sure and send them your way as well. So thank you so much for your time today, sharing your expertise, your passion behind what you do really came out today. It's not just building websites or creating designs.


It's really finding a way. To change the world in re make a big impact in the lives of people. And I love it when people have that kind of passion behind the work behind the work they do, and that really showed today. So thank you so much. 


Thank you so much, Adam. 


You're welcome, everyone. Have a great day.


Thank you for joining me this learning lab and we will see you the next one.


Talk to you soon.