Our work combines art, storytelling and innovation.

Websites are interactive art that tell your brand’s story and engage in dialogue with your customers. We build them using the best tools to measure your success along the way.


Featured Project

Outside ROI

For a pay per click agency, these guys think outside the box. For this project, we created autoplaying mobile video backgrounds, custom graphics and a conversational narrative around their niche in outdoor-oriented e-commerce advertising. Their unique calls to action and contact tools are setting them above other companies in their industry. 

Featured Project

I.D.E.A. District

The I.D.E.A. District aims to create 13,000 tech and design jobs in downtown San Diego. Our designs helped them secure $90 million in financing for their first mixed-use development, IDEA1. Harnessing our expertise in place-making and digital journalism, we turned their website into a platform for lead generation.

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Kismet (noun): fate; destiny

Kismet Ideas is a website design and digital marketing agency in Louisville, KY. Our work combines art & storytelling with technology & automation. We work with companies with big missions to make the world a better place. Through this ripple effect of helping them grow, we serve the greater good.